Spending the summer holidays on the Mornington Peninsula, south of Melbourne, one may be forgiven for thinking that typographic oddities are at a safe distance. But the world of type just has a habit of surprising you.

The extraordinarily high prices being paid for coastal property has turned suburban streetscapes into processions of real estate boards. Amongst these generic board designs stands a very unique use of typography. Frolla Real Estate uses an arresting Cooper Black throughout all of their livery. On occasion this typography is dynamically twisted, creating an eye-catching and memorable identity. The colour scheme of green, white and red unapologetically references Frolla’s Italian heritage – something cleverly capitalised on given the size of the Italian migrant community in the local area. Once a Frolla property is sold, the playfully conceived ‘Frold’ sticker goes onto the board.

Amidst a bland image palette of empty-nesting babyboomers coupled with the thinnest of Latté Helveticas, the Frolla identity energizes us with its boldness and humour. It’s striking, engaging, lacks any design industry sophistication and is therefore perfectly appropriate. It’s truly a welcome holiday away from graphic design.