Cashcow Oblique

research, writing and design Stephen Banham | publisher Letterbox

What happens when you look into the graphic design response to two economic booms – the cattle boom of 1873 and the real estate boom of 2016? The result is Cashcow Oblique – A Typographic Survey of Economic Opportunity 1873 & 2016. The design outcomes between these two periods of economic frenzy are uncannily similar.

Researched and designed throughout 2017, this banded super-sized poster was distributed for free across Melbourne bookshops and cafés.  It is the third in the oblique series, following Utopia Oblique and Orbit Oblique.

Above: The top line features brandmarks from the property boom (2016), drawing a parallel with marks from the cattle boom (1873).

Right: Poster detail. Marks from 1873 in black, 2016 marks in white.