writing and design Stephen Banham | publisher Letterbox

Fancy is a collection of 12 unique typographic stories.

These wide-ranging tales include the story of Roman Kingsley who trains his geese to skywrite; the ‘glue forecaster’ – an unknown signwriter who mysteriously forecasts business lifespans; Arthur Stace, the evangelist who wrote ‘Eternity’ 500,000 times throughout the streets of Sydney; the members of On-Off, a movement of office cleaners who spell out huge words of protest on skyscrapers using light switches; the extraordinary two mile Readymix logo and the tragic tale of Peg Entwistle, the would-be Hollywood actress who killed herself by jumping from the letter H of the famous Hollywood signage, amongst many others. Playfully negotiating fact and fiction, Fancy shows us that typography threads through all our lives, sometimes in very odd ways.