It was around about here

design Letterbox | client City of Melbourne Test Sites Program | site Corner of Queensberry and Cardigan Streets, Carlton, Melbourne, Australia

The typographic installation It was around about here (2020) investigates idle thought, those stray thoughts that arise out of everyday, incidental observation. The line of text tells a story of a passer-by who, inspired by the vast expanse of a brick wall, is reminded that red is the first print colour that is sucked away by exposure to the sun. The passer-by then wonders if the surface of the sun is covered with images that have been lost from the earth.

Built using industrial signage, the work is deliberately ephemeral. It is commissioned by the City of Melbourne Test Sites Program – an initiative specifically designed for short-term public artworks. Installed in February 2020 at the intersection of Cardigan and Queensberry Streets in Carlton, Melbourne.