One Day In Our Park

Design Letterbox | production Lachlan Philp, Sebastian Tibbs | arts management Global Art Projects | stakeholders Metro Tunnel, Rail Infrastructure Alliance, City of Melbourne

360 metres long. Over 1.4 million tiles. Four custom typefaces.

As its title suggests, this monumental typographic project focusses on the life of a very specific park – JJ Holland Park in Kensington, Melbourne – within one 24 hour period. Through intense observation, a series of 45 stories or ‘vignettes’ were written, along with an estimate as to how many times these incidents may occur in the park within just one day.

Located directly opposite the park, this meticulously designed artwork is mapped across hundreds of metres of tiles. It has an estimated lifespan of at least 40 years.

The complexity of the artwork required the development of four custom typefaces – Holland 4, Holland 13, Holland 44 and Holland 84 – all taking as their common unit of measure the tile dimensions.

Early construction of the titling section of One Day In Our Park (September 2021)

Just a very small glimpse of the entire 360 metre length of One Day In Our Park (2021)

An early visualisation of One Day In Our Park by Noel Pollara.

Observational notes from JJ Holland Park (2020)

A process animation of the Holland typefaces, specifically designed for One Day In Our Park (2021)

A project film of One Day In Our Park (2021)
The Acknowledgement to Country, located close to South Kensington Station, is set in Holland 4 (4 tiles high).
The project not only looked into what happened within 24 hours of Holland park but also sought to quantify them as well, sometimes in very large numbers.