RMIT Design Archives

design Letterbox | collaborator Prof. Harriet Edquist | client RMIT Design Archives, RMIT University

Housed alongside the iconic RMIT Design Hub, the RMIT Design Archives (RDA) is an ever-expanding collection ranging across a wide range of design disciplines. The archive disseminates its collection through a regular journal, one of the very few peer-reviewed design journals in Australia. The journal publishes important design research, including projects emerging directly from the collection, opening up this ‘living archive’ to the design community and beyond.

The RMIT Design Archives Journal is one of the very few peer-reviewed design publications in Australia.
A very special issue of the RMIT Design Archives Journal (Nº 13.1) centring on the design culture of 1980s Melbourne, to accompany the exhibition Radical Utopias – An Archaeology of a Creative City.
Flexible system of large-scale curtain banners for both display and light protection.

The Frederick Romberg Collection on exhibition at the RMIT Design Archives.

The special multi-poster issue produced using the Frederick Romberg Collection.