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Initially inspired by an obscure sketch in an old hand-lettering book, Berber has been extensively developed over many incarnations to function as a very strong and confident sans. The 2011 revisions in legibility enabled Berber to be used for longer text settings and now features king caps and small caps, alternate numeral sets and full language support. 

In 2003 Berber was used as the display face for issue 46 of Eye Journal of International Graphic Design. The National Gallery of Victoria has chose Berber as a signature typeface for the monumental survey exhibition Melbourne Now for both its 2013 and 2023 iterations.

Berber chosen as the ‘Melbourne Now’ typeface.
Berber chosen as the ‘Melbourne Now’ typeface.
The German advertising campaign Born To Be for Deutsche Bank , featuring an early version of Berber (2017).
Wine Packaging featuring the king caps of Berber (2016)
The signage system for Sydney’s Carriageworks Arts Centre featured Berber (2010).