Here There

design Letterbox | client Metro Tunnel Creative Program

Appearing at first as a ‘hi-vis’ safety pattern, this typographic installation focusses on the essence of movement – namely going from here to there. The formal similarity between these two words allows for a continuous and poetic looping, giving a sense of endless activity and energy. Commissioned by the Metro Tunnel Creative Program, and installed on Swanston Street in Melbourne, this custom condensed titling playfully references themes of movement, repetition and time.

The artwork went on to have another life. Following the period of commission, the artwork was de-installed and re-purposed as a series of sturdy, waterproof and very graphic bags.

Here There ‘Tradie’ Bags.
Waterproof Vinyl.
420mm (h)
420mm (w)
210mm (d)

Here There Tote Bags.
Waterproof Vinyl.
360mm (h)
310mm (w)
300mm (d)